Call for Papers


19-22 July 2010


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Call for Papers

 The ICCBR-10 Program Committee invites submissions of original theoretical  research, applied research and deployed application papers on all aspects of  Case-Based Reasoning.

Submission Topics

 Example submission areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Case and knowledge representation, acquisition, modeling, visualization,  maintenance and management for CBR
  • CBR system design issues (e.g., indexing, retrieval, similarity assessment  and adaptation)
  • System architectures and integration of CBR with other methods
  • Collaborative agent architectures involving CBR
  • Analogical reasoning, cognitive models, and creative reasoning approaches  based on CBR
  • Formal, empirical, and psychological evaluations of CBR models and systems
  • Methodologies for developing CBR applications
  • Lazy-learning, instance-based learning and case-based learning
  • Case-based planning topics including plan adaptation, retrieval from a plan  library and plan similarity
  • Case-based approaches to scheduling, design and robot navigation
  • CBR and knowledge discovery, data mining, text mining
  • CBR software reuse and engineering redesign
  • Explanations, Context, and confidence in CBR
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks and CBR
  • CBR in the Semantic Web
  • CBR foundations
  • Conversational CBR
  • Textual CBR
  • Distributed CBR
  • CBR and uncertainty
  • CBR in design, diagnosis, health, law, education
  • Knowledge management in CBR, case and experience-based knowledge management
  • Case-based recommender systems
  • Applications of CBR (e.g., in customer support, education, electronic  commerce, pattern recognition, image processing, legal reasoning,  manufacturing and medicine)
  • Adaptive interfaces, user modeling, customization & personalization using CBR
  • Computer models of case-based argumentation
  • Fielded applications of CBR


 All accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings published by  Springer Verlag in the Lecture  Notes in Artificial Intelligence series.

Review Criteria

 Each submission must be identified as theoretical/Methodological research,  applied research, or deployed application paper and will be reviewed using  criteria appropriate to its category. The criteria are as follows:

  • Paper Category: Theoretical/Methodological research paper
    Review Criteria: Scientific significance; originality; technical quality;  and clarity
  •  Paper Category: Applied research paper
    Review Criteria: Significance for scientific research or innovative  commercial deployment; originality; technical quality; and clarity
  • Paper Category: Deployed application paper
    Review Criteria: Demonstrated practical, social, environmental or  economic significance; originality; treatment of issues of engineering,  management & user acceptance; and clarity.

Submission Format

 Papers MUST be submitted as a single PDF file in Springer LNCS format,  which is the format required for the final camera ready copy, with a maximum of  15 pages. Authors' instructions along with LaTeX and Word macro files are  available on the web at Springer's Information for LNCS Authors page. Authors of accepted papers are required  to transfer their copyrights to Springer. All submissions are required to be in  electronic format.

Submission Procedure

 Authors must submit a full paper by the conference paper submission deadline.  ICCBR-10 is employing the EasyChair conference system, and submissions must be  made via the ICCBR-10 Conference Submission Site.

Multiple Submission Policy

 Papers submitted to other conferences or journals must state this fact. If a  paper will appear in another conference or journal, it must be withdrawn from  ICCBR-10. This restriction does not apply to papers appearing in proceedings of  specialized workshops.

Author Registration Policy

 In order for a paper to appear in the proceedings, at least one of the authors  must register for the conference by the camera-ready copy deadline.