19-22 July 2010


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ICCBR 2010 Workshops Program
Alessandria, Italy
July 20, 2010

 We are delighted to invite participation in the following workshops, to be held as part of the 18th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2010), in Alessandria, Italy, on July 20, 2010.

WS1: Case-Based Reasoning for Computer Games

 Co-chairs: Manish Mehta, Santiago Ontanon Villar, Antonio A. Saˇnchez-Ruiz

 This workshop encourages the exchange of information and ideas about CBR as it is embedded within and provides support for computer gaming environments. Computer games are receiving increasing attention as a means of testing CBR concepts and extending current CBR paradigms (e.g., real-time issues, uncertainty, online learning). This workshop will: provide a medium of exchange for information  on game-related CBR research; allow participants to demonstrate game-related CBR prototypes; and seek shared challenge tasks,  which can serve as benchmarks for system comparison.

WS2: Provenance-Aware CBR: Applications to Reasoning, Metareasoning, Maintenance and Explanation

 Co-chairs: David Leake, Thomas Roth-Berghofer, Barry Smyth, and Joseph Kendall-Morwick

 Case provenance may include information about external sources of cases, the context in which cases were captured, derivation traces of cases,  and other meta-data. This workshop investigates the interplay of case provenance  with trust and reputation, reasoning and metareasoning, and explanation.  This workshop will: clarify the nature of provenance, trust, and reputation,  as they relate to CBR; examine how provenance information may be used at  multiple points in the CBR cycle; and advance the state of the art in  relation to how provenance and meta-data should be captured, represented,  and exploited in CBR systems.

WS3: CBR Startups

 Co-chairs: Ashwin Ram and Saurav Sahay

 This workshop focuses on the merits and challenges of creating technology startup companies out of cutting-edge CBR research in academia or  research labs. Both technological and practical issues will be addressed, in true CBR fashion, using actual cases of CBR startups. In this workshop, we will  hear from CBR researchers who have created CBR startups,  and use their experiences to discuss different ways to  commercialize CBR technologies.

WS4: WebCBR-10:Reasoning from Experiences on the Web

 Co-chairs: Enric Plaza, Derek Bridge, Barry Smyth, Sarah Jane Delany, Nirmalie Wiratunga

 This workshop provides a forum for the discussion of trends, research issues and practical experiences on the role of CBR in reasoning with web-related experiential content. It promotes CBR as a means to advance web technology in two ways: by enabling better capture and representation of explicit yet unstructured experiential web content; and by harnessing web usage experiences to improve browsing and searching.

WS5: Workshop on Knowledge Generation for CBR

 Co-chairs: Kerstin Bach, Miltos Petridis and Eyke Hullermeier

 This workshop focuses on methods for supporting the automated generation and acquisition of knowledge for CBR systems. We are looking for approaches that contribute to any one of the knowledge containers or the phases of the case-based problem-solving process. An important and special case is knowledge about similarity, because cases are selected based on their similarity to a current problem description. Since similarity measures usually contain significant domain knowledge, knowledge generation plays a major role in the development of similarity measures.

WS6: Computer Cooking Contest Workshop

 Co-Chairs: Amelie Cordier and David Aha

 The Computer Cooking Contest (CCC) Workshop is part of the Computer Cooking Contest. This workshop will facilitate the presentation and discussion of the technical descriptions of the contest finalists. Paper submissions can only be made by teams participating in the CCC, which requires running software. The workshop, however, is open to all ICCBR 2010 attendees.

 Further Information

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The call for workshops proposals is available here.