Application Track


19-22 July 2010


Call for Industry / Applications Presentations

 ICCBR-10 invites submissions for a special presentation-only  track of deployed applications on all aspects of Case-Based  Reasoning. The applications track provides an opportunity for  both industry and academic application developers to showcase  their work in 20-30 minute high-quality presentations, without  the need to write a paper. This event takes place on one day and  is an excellent way for industry members to interact with  students and academic researchers.

Presentation Topics

 We will be accepting presentations on new work, updates on past work, and related  work from other fields.

Expression of Interest

 Presenters can express interest with a short (one paragraph) description  of their work. Presenters must submit an email with this description to Profesor Jerzy Surma at by the specified deadline. Please make the subject  of this email "ICCBR-10 Applications Track Submission."

 In addition to presentation-only submissions, conference participants that  have a deployed application paper accepted to the conference main technical track  may also elect and are encouraged to make an additional presentation of their  work as part of the Applications Track.

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