ICCBR 2017 is over

Thank you everyone for participating and contributing to this years's ICCBR. It was a great pleasure having you in Trondheim and discussing the past, present and future of Case-Based Reasoning research.


This year's best paper went to:
Running with Cases: A CBR Approach to Running Your Best Marathon
by Barry Smyth and Padraig Cunningham

The Video Competition winners are:
Best Video
MonitAR by Hayley Borck (watch the video here)

Best Student Video
Qualitative Case-Based Reasoning for Humanoid Robot Soccer by Thiago Pedro Donadon Homem, Danilo Hernani Perico, Paulo Eduardo Santos, Reinaldo Augusto da Costa Bianchi, and Ramon Lopes de Mantaras (watch the video here)

The Computer Cooking Contest winners are:
Open Challenge
IntelliMeal - Enhancing Creativity by Reusing Domain Knowledge in the Adaptation Process by Kari Skjold, Marthe Øynes, Kerstin Bach and Agnar Aamodt (try the system here)

Salad and Mixology Challenge
Adaptation of Taaable to the CCC'2017 Mixology and Salad Challenges, Adaptation of the Cocktail Names by Emmanuelle Gaillard, Jean Lieber and Emmanuel Nauer

Easy Steps Challenge
Cooking made easy: On a novel approach to complexity-aware recipe generation by Gilbert Müller and Ralph Bergmann (try the system here)

The first edition of the poster quiz (find the quiz and solution here) was won by:
Rotem Stram


We've created a google photos album - feel free to add and share your pictures here: Google Photos.