Venue: NTNU

The conference will take place at one of the main campuses of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, called Gløshaugen.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is Norway's main technical university, offering education and research in technology, engineering, natural sciences, and human and social sciences, with a total of 22.000 students. NTNU's main campus Gløshaugen is located only a 15-30 minute walk from most hotels in the city centre. The campus offers a wide range of lecture halls, all located in a compact area.
In 2016, NTNU is merging with the three regional university colleges in Gjøvik (HiG), Åleseund (HIALS) and Trondheim (HiST), making NTNU the largest university in Norway.

Overview Map

Map including all important places and the selected hotels (continuously updated).


Trondheim is well served and connected to Europe.
The airport in Trondheim has direct flights to and from London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Alicante, Krakow and Dubrovnik, among other destinations.
To check the most convenient flights, you can see the flights arriving to Trondheim.


Airport Bus

There is an efficient shuttle bus service from the airport to city leaving the airport every 10 or 20 minutes depending on the arrival time. The airport bus takes you to close to all hotels downtown as well as a bus stop a few minutes away from the venue. The bus return ticket costs approx. 240 NOK (27 EUR). You can pay with cash or credit card in the bus or book it in advance.

Airport Taxi

If you would like to use a taxi from the airport to your hotel, we commend to book it in advance. The one-way trip costs 399 NOK (42 EUR) - taking an unbooked taxi at the airport will easily cost twice. You can pay with cash or credit card in the bus or book it in advance.

Local Bus

An easy way to get around Trondheim is the local bus service called AtB. Transportation to dinners and to the hike is organized. However, if you prefer to take the bus to the venue AtB is a good option. As you can see from the map, most buses from downtown go towards "Professor Brochs gate". If you get off there, cross the street and walk up the hill to the university campus. From there signs will guide you to the conference venue in "Realfagsbygget". You can pay cash in the buses, but you can also use their app to travel with it.


If you would like to bike, there are bikes all over town. The service is run by ClearChannel. In order to get a card, please go to the Tourist Office downtown in Nordre gt 11. It's open all day between 9-18.


The hotels in Trondheim have a capacity of over 3.200 rooms, ranging from small and cosy hotels to Norway's two largest conference hotels. Trondheim hotels usually offer free breakfast and Wi-Fi. Trondheim's compact geography means that all hotels are within 15-20 minutes walking distance of NTNU's main campus and the conference venue.

More information on hotels can be found here.

Gløshaugen Main Building

The main university building can be seen from the city center. Because of its architecture students gave it the nickname "Hogwarts" a few years ago.

Gløshaugen Campus

The campus with its 350,000 m2 has the size of a small town and provides many facilities.