Accepted Papers


Oral Presentations:

Amira Abdel-Aziz and Eyke Huellermeier:
Case Base Maintenance in Preference-based CBR

Bryan Auslander, Michael Floyd, Tom Apker, Benjamin Johnson, Mark Roberts and David Aha:
Learning to Estimate: A Case-Based Approach to Task Execution Prediction

Hayley Borck, Justin Karneeb, Michael W. Floyd, Ron Alford and David W. Aha:
Case-based Policy and Goal Recognition

Susan Craw, Ben Horsburgh and Stewart Massie:
Music Recommendation: Audio Neighbourhoods to Discover Music in the Long Tail

Dustin Dannenhauer and Hector Munoz-Avila:
Goal-Driven Autonomy with Semantically-annotated Hierarchical Cases

Valmi Dufour-Lussier and Jean Lieber:
Evaluating a textual adaptation system

Tesca Fitzgerald, Keith Mcgreggor, Baris Akgun, Andrea Thomaz and Ashok Goel:
Visual Case Retrieval for Interpreting Skill Demonstrations

Thomas Gabel and Eicke Godehardt:
Top-Down Induction of Similarity Measures Using Similarity Clouds

Emmanuelle Gaillard, Jean Lieber and Emmanuel Nauer:
Improving case retrieval using typicality

Vahid Jalali and David Leake:
CBR Meets Big Data: A Case Study of Large-Scale Adaptation Rule Generation

David Leake and Brian Schack:
Flexible Feature Deletion: Compacting Case Bases by Selectively Compressing Case Contents

Khalil Muhammad, Aonghus Lawlor, Rachael Rafter and Barry Smyth:
Great Explanations: Opinionated Explanations for Recommendation

Gilbert Müller and Ralph Bergmann:
Learning and Applying Adaptation Operators in Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning

Santiago Ontañón, Enric Plaza and Jichen Zhu:
Argument-based Case Revision in CBR for Story Generation

Lara Quijano-Sanchez, Juan Recio-Garcia and Belen Diaz-Agudo:
Modelling Hierarchical Relationships in Group Recommender Systems

Gleb Sizov, Pinar Ozturk and Agnar Aamodt:
Evidence-Driven Retrieval in Textual CBR: Bridging the Gap Between Retrieval and Reuse


Poster Presentations:

Flavio Ceci, Rosina Weber, Alexandre L Gonçalves and Roberto C S Pacheco:
Adapting Sentiments with Context

Yoke Yie Chen, Xavier Ferrer, Nirmalie Wiratunga and Enric Plaza:
Aspect Selection for Social Recommender Systems

Michael Floyd, Michael Drinkwater and David Aha:
Improving Trust-Guided Behavior Adaptation Using Operator Feedback

Jose L. Jorro Aragoneses, Belen Diaz-Agudo and Juan Recio-Garcia:
Addressing the cold-start problem in facial expression recognition

Emmanuel Malherbe, Thomas Iwaszko and Marie-Aude Aufaure:
A Case-Based Approach For Easing Schema Semantic Mapping

Tomas Olsson, Ning Xiong, Elisabeth Källström, Anders Holst and Peter Funk:
Fault Diagnosis via Fusion of Information from a Case Stream

Radu Platon, Jacques Martel and Kaiser Zoghlami:
CBR Model for Predicting a Building’s Electricity Use: On-Line Implementation in the Absence of Historical Data

Pascal Reuss, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Wolfram Henkel, Matthias Pfeiffer, Oliver Hankel and Roland Pick:
Semi-automatic knowledge extraction from semi-structured and unstructured data within the OMAHA project

Reinhard Stumptner, Christian Lettner and Bernhard Freudenthaler:
Maintaining and Analyzing Production Process Definitions using a Tree-Based Similarity Measure

Swaroop Vattam and David Aha:
Case-Based Plan Recognition Under Imperfect Observability



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