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 +===== Registration process - Closed =====
 +**1. Pre-registration.**  
 +  * Go to [[http://colloquedr7.dr20.cnrs.fr/pre-inscription.php?colloque=58&lang=en|the registration website]]
 +  * Fill the form (you can use the same address for you and your organisation)
 +  * **If you are a student, send a copy of your student card to raafat.zarka[at]liris.cnrs.fr**
 +  * Wait for the confirmation email (this can take several days)
 +//As soon as you receive the confirmation email, you can process to the next step.//
 +**2. Registration and payment.**
 +  * Log in the registration website using the link in the confirmation email.
 +  * Fill the forms (only * fields are required).
 +  * Choose your formula (Full registration / Workshops only / CCC Only: see registration fees below) 
 +  * Choose your options (Gala diner, PĂ©rouges).
 +  * Proceed to the payment. Available payment modes are: Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Cheque.
 +//Do not hesitate to send us an email if you have any question: [[mailto:iccbr12@liris.cnrs.fr|iccbr12@liris.cnrs.fr]].// 
 +N.B.: Invoices are automatically generated... in French! If you need a translation of the document, just ask! [[mailto:iccbr12@liris.cnrs.fr|iccbr12@liris.cnrs.fr]]