19th International Conference on Case Based Reasoning
Greenwich, London, 12-15 September 2011

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Registration still open

Invited Speakers confirmed

Prof Kris Hammond from Northwestern University and Prof Steffen Staab from the University of Koblenz-Landau and J. William Murdock from IBM are confirmed as the invited speakers at the main ICCBR-2011 conference. More information here.

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Sunday April 4th10th, 2011

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Paper submission

10 April 2011

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02 May 2011

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16 May 2011

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10 June 2011


12-15 September 2011

Call for Papers

The ICCBR-11 Program Committee invites submissions of original theoretical research, applied research and deployed application papers on all aspects of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) for the main technical program. ICCBR-11 is the 19th in a series of leading international meetings on CBR.

Previous ICCBR conferences have been held in Sesimbra, Portugal (1995), Providence, Rhode Island, USA (1997), Seeon Monastery, Germany (1999), Vancouver, BC, Canada (2001), Trondheim, Norway (2003), Chicago, Illinois, USA (2005), Belfast, Northern Ireland (2007), Seattle (2009) and in Alessandria, Italy (2010) following the merger of the European and International CBR conference series.
In order to expand the frontiers of CBR as a scientific field, we would like to (1) emphasize the connections between CBR and related areas, and (2) explore new problems and industrial solutions. Another primary objective of ICCBR-11 is to encourage new members to join the CBR community and regularly attend / participate in this premier CBR conference. Thus, the ICCBR-11 program will include several new ideas along with the regular keynote addresses, technical program, applications track and workshop sessions. Details on these elements of the program will be made available through the ICCBR-11 web site.

Foundations of Case Based Reasoning
Analogical reasoning, cognitive models, and creative reasoning
Lazy-learning, instance-based and case-based learning
Similarity Metrics, indexing, retrieval, and adaptation
Case authoring, knowledge modelling and visualization
Explanations, confidence and uncertainty in CBR
Data and text mining with case-based systems
Experience-based knowledge management
CBR architecture and development frameworks
Agent based, Peer-to-Peer and Distributed CBR
Applications of CBR (e.g. in health, law, education, government)
CBR for planning, scheduling, design, diagnosis and classification
Adaptive interfaces, user modelling and personalization in CBR
Case-based recommender systems
Textual CBR (including links with IR, NLP and text mining)
CBR in the Semantic Web and developments in WebCBR
AI and Games using CBR