18th International Conference 
on Case-based Reasoning


19-22 July 2010


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Beautiful conference pictures are now available online - thanks Professor Peter Funk and Alessio Bottrighi.

Online Proceeedings

Best Paper Award

A General Introspective Reasoning Approach to Web Search for Case Adaptation, David Leake & Jay Powell

Trip to Stresa

Please be advised that the bus for the trip to Stresa will leave in front of the conference location - Viale Michel 11 - by 9:30 am. We hope to see you there !

Conference program

The conference program is now available under Program or in PDF format.


Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria is sponsoring the conference.

Pre-conference social event

The trip to Stresa on Sunday July 18 is confirmed. This trip to Stresa, on lake Maggiore, includes a visit to the three Borromeo islands. Some information and pictures can be found from the site http://www.visitstresa.com/About_Stresa.htm. The price will be 50 euros per person, which includes bus, boat, entrance to palaces and gardens; payment on site. People should send an email to stefania.montani@unipmn.it in order to register.


Submissions are closed.

Applications Track

Submissions are closed.

Computer Cooking Contest

All teams participating in the Computer cooking contest will receive a reduced registration fee thanks to a grant from Empolis. Authors are advised to wait until after April 26 to register so that the actual cost can be calculated.

IJCAI 2011

The best papers at ICCBR 2010 will be invited to a special track at IJCAI-11 featuring papers from specialized area conferences.


Fondazione CRT, Empolis, and the Mayor of the City of Alessandria are sponsoring the conference.

Invited Speakers

Professors Riccardo Bellazzi, Amedeo Napoli, and Ashwin Ram will be keynote speakers at the conference.



 We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the eighteenth International  Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR), the premier international  meeting on research and applications in Case-Based Reasoning (CBR). ICCBR-10 will  be held in Alessandria, Italy from 19 July to 22 July 2010 and will be hosted by the University of Piemonte Orientale "A. Avogadro".

 Through 2009, ICCBR has been a biennial conference, held in alternation  with its sister conference, the European Conference on Case-Based  Reasoning (ECCBR), which was located in Europe. At the 2009 ICCBR, the ICCBR Program Committee  elected to extend an offer of consolidation with ECCBR. The offer was accepted by the ECCBR 2010 organizers and they have considered it approved by the ECCBR community,  as the two conferences share a majority of Program Committee members. From 2010, ICCBR and ECCBR will be merged in a single conference series, called ICCBR.  As there have been 8 previous ICCBR events and 9 previous ECCBR events, the combined series will be considered the 18th ICCBR.

Previous ICCBR conferences have been held in Sesimbra, Portugal (1995),  Providence, Rhode Island, USA (1997), Seeon Monastery, Germany (1999), Vancouver,  BC, Canada (2001), Trondheim, Norway (2003), Chicago, Illinois, USA (2005) and  Belfast, Northern Ireland (2007). and Seattle, USA (2009). ICCBR and ECCBR have been the leading conferences on Case-Based Reasoning.

 In order to expand the frontiers of CBR as a scientific field,  we would like to (1) emphasize the connections between CBR and related areas, and  (2) explore new problems and industrial solutions. Another main objective of  ICCBR-10 is to encourage new members to join the CBR community and regularly  attend / participate in ICCBR. Thus, the ICCBR-10 program will include several  new ideas along with the regular keynote addresses, technical program,  applications track, and workshop sessions.

 Please come and join us in Alessandria !

Additional details will be provided through this web site until the conference.

Sponsor ICCBR 2010

 We invite you to support ICCBR 2010 through  financial sponsorship. Sponsors of the conference help keep the costs of the conference reasonable for students, improve the quality of the conference experience, and display their  support to the entire community.

 We will work with individual sponsors to help tailor their sponsorship to support the events and activities of  greatest interest to them. For further information,  please contact Stefania Montani, at email: sponsor@iccbr2010.com.